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eMP10 PF X Massage Sandals – Black

Step into relaxation. Each major area for foot pain is targeted in these multi-part massage sandals.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Protect your purchase. Should any such defect occur following original purchase, eMP10 will repair or replace, at its discretion, the defective product.

What our customers have to say?

Linda V. || Retiree / R.V. Travel Enthusiast

"Knee and back pain eliminated!"

"I have no regrets! I've undergone various knee surgeries and my husband has had issues with his neck for as long as I can remember. After using your product our aches and pains became less and less and we began living more and more! I couldn't have asked for more than this."

Chris J. || Attorney / Surfer & Snowboarder

Chris J. || Attorney / Surfer & Snowboarder

"My eMP10 unit worked better than surgery."

"I've been snowboarding for majority of my adult life. I even considered going pro before law school--before I blew my knee out from attempting a pretty gnarly jump. I went through a few surgeries but the knee pain was still killer. I met these dudes from eMP10 at a trade show in San Diego, purchased a device, and within a WEEK my knee pain was almost eliminated. I'm a customer for life. Solid dudes, solid product."

Miska M. || Developer / Barre & Pilates Addict

Miska M. || Developer / Barre & Pilates Addict

"Chronic migraines, gone."

"I was in a car accident a little over a year ago, and have gotten migraines on and off ever since. My doctor actually recommended a TENS unit, and a few weeks later I was approached by Jenn from eMP10. I decided to purchase a unit and it's been the best thing for me! As soon as I feel a migraine coming on, I'll pull the unit out of my bag and it's literally gone within minutes. THANK YOU, eMP10!!!"